$600,000 NZD


1. Block 1 with the dwelling is 5.8257ha and is lot 4 on deposited plan # 5344.

2. Block 2, the bare block is 5.0153ha and is lot 9 on deposited plan #5345.

Land has very rich soil, sheltered from prevailing winds and has great sea views.

A small fortress/castle, totally fire and hurricane proof, the block is the first privately owned block back from the beach, village and resorts and has the prime position with unsurpassed views from Suva bay to Nadi point,

Has some Noni trees, this property was a working Noni farm since 1997 and still could be a going concern,

There are processing equipment for making noni juice and furnishings. Through the production the farm was able to supply Jacks and Baravi handicraft stores and worldwide Noni clients. Mahevu farm in respect to Noni has a reputation for quality, along with the 15 other medicines the farm used to produce from the property. The internal courtyard design of the property lends itself to many uses and is very secure. The local beach is considered one of Fiji’s finest.

This property sleeps 6 people, has a separate toilet, shower box, there is a tool shed and good water tanks.
The property is on mains power.
There is a small piggery.

This lot is on the way to the Crusoe’s resort (former Man Friday Resort). It is located close to the beach.
This is the area the land is in.


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