Property Management

Jokhan Realtors Pte Limited currently manages over 120 units with over 300 tenants around Fiji for landlords in Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and USA.

We have a separate team that looks after our landlords’ investment for the peace of their mind.

We handle all their repayments for their investment, including repayment to the Bank, council tax, insurance, land rate etc.

We work with local contractors and service providers, we provide solutions to landlords who want peace of mind and the best service for their tenants.

We advise our landlords on their returns on investment so they can look at expanding their investment.

All our quotations for any repairs or required urgent maintenance, rental lease agreements and invoices are transparent. These can be made available to our landlords at their will.

We also facilitate rent collections, warnings and evictions in partnership with local law enforcement.

For more detailed information on property management please enquire today through an email to; or