Davota, Tavua

$245,000 FJD


The property is located within Davota on the outskirts of Tavua.
It is about 12 kilometres by road from the town of Tavua and 8 kilometres away from the Kings Road junction.
Predominant uses surrounding the property comprise of rural blocks with sugarcane farming being the predominantly agricultural activity on these farms.
The site has access to usual services such as electricity and modern telecommunication links while water supply is sourced via boreholes.
The property comprises an irregular shaped block that is bordered by the Nadarivatu Road along its eastern boundary.
The property features hilly contours to undulating sections with easy to moderate falls towards its boundary lines.
Land has been fallow for over 3 years.
It was once a sugarcane farm producing over 600 tonnes annually. There are 3 existing cane contracts over the property and each contract covers around 10 acres each.
There are two homestead structures on the farm but are in dilapidated conditions.
Valuation report is available and the market value based on the report is $360,000.00.
Price is negotiable.

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