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Welcome to Kabara Farm – A 346-Acre Farmland with Limitless Potential for Large-Scale Farming

Located in Nabaitavo, Naitasiri, Kabara Farm is a 346-acre farmland that boasts a wealth of potential for large-scale farmers and companies looking to expand their operations. From the convenient location to the essential infrastructure and abundant natural resources, this property is the perfect choice for anyone seeking to maximize their yields and profits.

Location and Accessibility
Kabara Farm is situated just 38 kilometres from the Princess Road turn-off, with easy access via the Sawani-Serea highway and Nataveya road. The Vunidawa Government station, which offers medical facilities, shopping outlets, and educational institutions, is a mere 7 kilometres away, while comprehensive services are available at the Nausori Town Center, just 45 kilometres from the property.

Land and Soil
The farm’s 346 acres are classified as first to second-class arable land, providing the ideal environment for a wide range of crops.
The soil is well-drained, loose, and friable, with excellent moisture retention and abundant organic matter. This ensures optimal growing conditions and high yields.
Additionally, the farm boasts rich deposits of fine white sand and gravel suitable for construction material, further enhancing its value and potential for large-scale farming operations.

Kabara Farm is equipped with all the necessary infrastructure to run a successful farming operation.
This includes three internal roads that can accommodate heavy machinery, three corrugated iron/wooden dwellings, a milking shed, a cattle yard, and a fully-fenced perimeter.
These facilities provide ample opportunities for livestock operations, crop cultivation, and more.

Water and Energy Supply
Kabara Farm boasts an autonomous spring that provides a reliable source of water for the primary homestead.
The spring has been strategically impounded, forming a dam that ensures a constant supply of fresh water for irrigation, livestock, and domestic use. In addition to the spring water, there are 13 ponds located on the property that can be used for irrigation, fish farming, and other agricultural activities.

Electricity and telephone services are readily available, ensuring you have all the essential amenities needed to run your operations efficiently.

Crops and Livestock
The fertile land at Kabara Farm is perfect for growing a wide range of crops.
The property also lends itself to large-scale livestock operations, with many farmers in the area engaging in dairy farming utilizing cattle. Whether you’re looking to cultivate crops, raise livestock, or both, Kabara Farm is the perfect place to do it.

Additional Business Options

Quarry: The rich deposits of sand and gravel on the farm make it an ideal location for a quarrying operation.

Renewable Energy: The open land and reliable electricity supply make it a great location for solar or wind energy projects.

Tourism and Hospitality: The beautiful natural surroundings, proximity to amenities, and access to the Rewa River could make the farm an attractive location for tourism and hospitality ventures such as an eco-lodge, camping grounds, or outdoor adventure activities.

Value Proposition
Kabara Farm is a 346-acre FREEHOLD farmland with limitless potential. With first to second-class arable land, well-drained soil, abundant water supply, and essential infrastructure, this property is the perfect location for agriculture, quarry, renewable energy, tourism and hospitality.

The property is valued at $6.6 million, presenting an excellent opportunity for those seeking to maximize their yields and profits.

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