Corporate Profile


Our Vision

Our vision is to manage the economic resources in the form of real estate in the most efficient way, while providing optimum services to our clients. To become the premier real estate service provider in the country.


To provide excellent service to clients in their real estate and property management needs.
To create a sense of satisfaction and trust through our service.
To form long term relationships with our clients.
To provide ethical service to our clients.
To be a household name in real estate business.
To be a company that serves the needs of its clients with genuine interest.
To provide all property services at one address.


We value people and are committed to good, ethical practices. We strive for excellence through continuous improvement.

Professional Real Estate Services

Jokhan Realtors Limited offers a wide scope of real estate services in terms of rentals, sales and property management. We specialize in up-market residential and commercial properties, beachfront properties, islands and resorts. Jokhan Realtors Limited also provides excellent services for local clients.

Headquarters: 1 Selbourne St, Fiji Club Building, Suva Fiji.
Branch Office; Office No 8/42 Vidilo Street, Lautoka, Fiji.
Representatives: Sigatoka, Nadi, Ba, Rakiraki,

Financial Facts

Most recent revenues have been through rentals and some major sales. Increasingly more interest from customers has been for the purchase of properties and property management.

The company works normally on a commission basis charging a first month rent on rentals and a 5% or below commission on sales depending on sale prices. Property management is carried out on an 8% commission. All commissions are negotiated with the owners before any deals are sealed.


The company is managed by Mr. Reginald Jokhan, who is the proprietor. Jokhan Realtors works with a number of agents, based in Central and Western Divisions, and we are looking at expanding to the Northern Division.

Jokhan Realtors works in collaboration with selected other companies and individuals after screening them for reliability and honesty, and are satisfied to go into partnership with.


Jokhan Realtors is amongst the leading Real Estates agents locally in Fiji. Since the start of its operation in 2000 with five clients, the company has grown 40-fold today. A popular choice for clients the company has made its presence felt in property and real estate industry. Clients find us responsive, transparent and competitive.

Jokhan Realtors handles all types of real estate, from islands to first time renters. Jokhan Realtors has rentals and residential sales in some of the premier areas around Fiji. In addition to residential household sales, Jokhan Realtors also lists:
• Farms
• Supermarkets
• Resorts
• Apartment strata
• Commercial buildings
• Investment property

Jokhan Realtors advertises with both the Fiji Times and Fiji Sun, and also uses paid Facebook advertisements which can target specific demographics based on the property being advertised. Jokhan Realtors also has its own website which is updated regularly with high quality pictures and descriptions. Jokhan Realtors uses Google analytics in order to see how many hits each property gets, and then decide which properties are in need of more intensive online marketing.

Overcoming Obstacles

Real estate companies in Fiji face a number of challenges including competing with overseas-based companies. As a result of these off-shore companies the price of real estate has been inflated. Therefore, the local companies constantly need to compete with this. This makes it difficult for buyers locally and overseas to understand the sudden surge in property prices.

Another challenge for us is the limited ability of local clients to secure funds to purchase properties. Jokhan Realtors assists such clients by putting them in touch with personnel of the lending companies who provide personal service to these clients, making this difficult task more bearable. This is a distinct service, which Jokhan Realtors is proud of, giving its clients a more personal experience.

Comments from some satisfied clients:

Dr. Sukhdev Shah (Washington DC):

Q:  Why did you choose to deal with Jokhan Realtors initially?
A:  I came in contact with Jokhan Realtors when I moved to Fiji in 2002. Since then, I have known Jokhan Realtors as the most famous and most trustworthy real estate  company in Fiji. They maintain the trust of their customers by offering the best sale and management services at the most reasonable cost.

Q:   Why do you choose to continue to deal with Jokhan Realtors?
A:   I chose Jokhan Realtors for their image of trust and for their reputation of providing efficient service to customers, while charging very reasonable fee.

Q:  What specific service of Jokhan Realtors do you find particularly appealing?
A:  Very open discussion they have with the customers concerning what they can and what they cannot do to make themselves useful. They give the impression that they care for their customers more than what they expect to earn from the deal.

Ms. Jennifer Poole (Former Director of Marie Stopes International)

Q:  Why did you choose to deal with Jokhan Realtors initially?
A:  I was referred by a work colleague after inquiring about a suitable rental property in Fiji. I gave the requirements to my PA and she located a property which  Jokhan Realtors was handling.

Q:   Why do you choose to continue to deal with Jokhan Realtors?
A:   Your company was handling the property which I was most interested in. It was a good property with a fair price.

Q:   What specific service of Jokhan Realtors do you find particularly appealing?
A:   Friendly and prompt service with honest advice. I was collected in a nice clean air-conditioned and comfortable vehicle and driven to inspect various properties. I was given very good advice. When I signed the rental agreement, it was negotiated well for me. The property was made available at the time I required it, even though it required a lot of extra effort by the realtor to remove the former difficult tenant. I was provided with immediate assistance to repair damages and faults with the property. I was advised and provided with good service and maintenance personnel. It was clear that Jokhan Realtors valued their clients, and worked to keep them happy. Jokhan Realtors goes out of their way to assist clients with inquiries.

Q.   What other services, make Jokhan Realtors exceptional?
A:   The personal service is sincere and the staff are very helpful and supportive and continued to assist with inquiries throughout the business partnership (rental). When I required advice on reliable workmen, gardeners and contactors, the realtor provided or referred reliable companies. The realtor actually made an effort to assist the tenant not just at the beginning of the contract but throughout the rental period. When inquiring as to how to proceed with a home purchase in Fiji, I had exceptionally good advice and was shown properties at a time that was suitable to me and in the price range that was affordable and realistic. The service by this company was so impressive, that I have since referred many more clients to them and they have been similarly well treated. One of my staff members found an apartment and was settled into that apartment in one week.

Q. How did you find the communications or other services provided by this company?
A: Email inquiries are responded to promptly and the phone is always answered regardless of the time.

Jokhan Realtors Pte Limited is a member of Real Estate Agent Licencing Board (REALB) in FIJI and the registration number is 0007