Industrial Land, Lautoka

$1,850,000 $2,000,000 FJD


The property is a vacant land with a heavy industrial lease and a native lease with 84 years remaining.
As per the researchers, the industrial sector, which includes heavy industry and manufacturing, has been the backbone of the growth of economies worldwide.
The industries that come under this sector are cement, chemicals, steel, aluminum, paper, mining, manufacturing, food processing, waste processing, and others.

The property’s location near the pier (wharf, cutting the time for cargo and logistic transportation) is advantageous as it reduces the time for cargo and logistic transportation. It also provides easy access to better facilities, labour, and consumers.

Investors looking for faster returns on investment can consider purchasing industrial properties near the port.

In today’s world of increasing global competition, every business needs to invest in an industrial area near the port in the city to reap its benefits. The price of the property is $2 million.


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