Native General Industrial Lease

$888,000 $960,000 FJD


The property boasts a land area of 2008 sqmt and is available for Proper Native General Industrial Lease.
As per researchers, the industrial sector is critical for the growth of economies worldwide, including heavy industry and manufacturing, such as cement, chemicals, steel, aluminium, paper, mining, food processing, and other manufacturing and processing industries.

One of the notable advantages of this property is its location near the wharf, which reduces the time and cost of cargo and logistic transportation. Additionally, the property offers easy access to better facilities, labour, and consumers, making it a strategic investment for smart industrial property investors.

Investing in an industrial property near the port can result in faster returns on investment, especially with the increasing global competition.
Therefore, it is essential for every company and business to consider investing in an industrial area near the port in the city to reap its benefits.


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